Who we are? Where we come from…

You do not need to know about my age. Nor do you need to know my name, my background, how I look, whether I have shorn or unshorn hair, whether I am beautiful or not. All you need to know about my identity is that – I am Sikh, I am a woman and I am a professional.

Amongst a myriad of ideologies and perspectives I believe in, the one that I hold dearest to me is my believe in Saints and my strong views on Sikhism, that may not be adopted by the masses. But I am unaffected by the masses. The blind leads the blind. I believe that I do not know everything and I am always ready to learn, but from what I know; I know that the Sikh community globally is lost. We have lost our sense of belonging, we have lost the passion and purpose in our souls, we have lost the true meaning of what it means to be a SIKH. We are lost in the translation of our Living Guru. I may not know a lot, but I do know that my purpose is above being a sentient transient being living life carelessly. I know that I am here to do great things, and amongst one of them is to change parochial mindsets – especially for Sikh women struggling to fit in the crowd. The famous adage – We are not born to fit in, we are bound to stand out is my motto.

This website is the key. It contains answers that I have spent most of my life looking for. It contains my deepest darkest secrets and experiences that have made me who I am. It will be controversial. It will be profound. It will be unravelling and sometimes, ugly. But most importantly, it will be unflatteringly truthful. I am not perfect. This is my life – and my truths. 



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