Seekism and I

When I was young,

They said we were lions;


Stop cryin’

They said we were princesses,

Our hairs, our beauty.


When I was young,

They told me be strong.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji said

Love all as one

Then why was I different?

You told me I was



With my head bowed low,

I saluted the King.

Dear Almighty, give me a reason.

To be loved akin;

Like everyone else.

They told me; I was born

To stand out.


Dear crowd, love me too.

Do you hear my cries?

Don’t be indifferent.

I am a Sikh, that does not mean

I’m not human.


I’m all old now

Torn, shattered, belied

They broke me down

Tore the confidence inside

I’m a timid little girl

In a man’s façade


And then I met, Thee

Who took the pain apart

Thou art special

You have a PURPOSE today

To spread the name of God

You are MINE

And I am Yours


Why do you worry, Child?

He promised to be here

In this life and the rest

We were together before

And will be in the next


Why do you worry, Child?

When you look in the mirror

What do you see?

A beautiful soul

With a man in white

Standing behind ME

You are PURE

You need to BELIEVE


It’s not about the outside

It’s about the God within

The crowd is a liar

Thou art my Saviour


Religion is man made

You don’t have to follow

Listen to your heart

It speaks and bellows

Listen to your soul,

It knows its home.


Don’t listen to them

When they tell you

You are not good enough

Just because you don’t

Preach what they practice


They say look within

It means to ask why

It means to follow your conscience

Because it never lies.


My hair is my pride.

My hair is my life.

I keep it now

Because I know

What it feels like

To deny the only thing

That makes you

Come alive


I am a lion. Hear me roar.

I am beautiful.

I am a KAUR

What about YOU?

What do you adore?


I come here with empty hands

And a heart full of pain

To bow my head

And seek


The true ME.


With all its niceties

And power against



They scream

Forget them

Sikhism is



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